Momentum – Aaron Keyes (Seminary on Worship)

Aaron Keyes: See a great article on Aaron Here

Worship leading is in jeopardy because there is more to worship than simply singing.

God gives you talent but the skill is up to you. There is always “some assembly required” when it comes to using our gifts for Jesus.

Worship leaders lead songs but worship pastors lead people. There has to be more than how people sound and how they look. There has to be a realization that worship leaders love Jesus more than the music.

People remember songs more than they remember music. *ouch Let’s not give people what they want, let’s give people what they need. If you think worship music is about music then go to Nashville.

“If I could push you to one thing it would be not to lead songs but lead people. People must grow in the knowledge of God.”

When is the last time you jumped for joy over what Jesus has done in your life? You can celebrate the win before it happens.

What if joy was the most serious thing you ever felt? When people think you are being silly, you may be embracing the joy of the Lord. This encourages my heart because I LOVE embracing the JOY of the Lord. We need to rejoice in the Holy Spirit. If you do not rejoice in the Lord, you will rejoice outside the Lord. REJOICE in the LORD!

“If we had the joy of the Lord, the Gospel would be unstoppable.”

Worship is defined in Hebrews 12:28. Worship can be acceptable and unacceptable. One degree off can get us miles away from God.

The first form of worship is in Genesis 22 when Abraham is about to kill his son. There is no drummer, guitar, or musicians. There is no polished performance, it’s a bloody mess. A lamb wasn’t slain, a ram was.

You only love something that you are willing to sacrifice for. Where do you spend your time and money? That is what you love/worship.

“You can’t worship and be in bondage, only free people can worship. The first time I raised my hands I felt the chains unravel.”

“Christianity is not rightness, it’s goodness.”

For the first two years there was critism (hate mail) from the church regarding the worship. His pastor blocked the criticism.

50,000 complements + 1 critic = 1 critic. You have to move past what people say and move on to what God says. It’s fine to feel criticism but it doesn’t have to rule you. 366 times in the Bible it says “do not fear”. We can’t care what people think about us, we have to care what God says.

We were created to be connected to glory. Do you look in the mirror and see yourself as being crowed in the glory of God? You’re worth is not in the opinions of people but in what the Father says you are and that is beautiful and stunning. We walk around with the glory of God in our bodies. This understanding is what we need from worship leaders/leaders.

Nowhere does it say to memorize the bible in scripture, it says to meditate on the Word of God. Internalize (memorize scripture) by doing what it says. DO what the WORD SAYS! When the Holy SPirit comes, HE will bring back the words that he has spoken to you. However, you cannot remind someone of something they have never already been told (i.e. READ the WORD!).

Fascinating, insightful, and applicable.



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