Momentum – Day 4 – Keith Minier (Morning)

Keith Minier: It’s no secret that Keith Minier is driven, passionate and visionary. It’s also no secret that he loves his family, basketball and the Buckeyes. But Keith’s enthusiasm is more far-reaching than any of those things. Keith loves Jesus. And he’s on mission to share how a personal relationship with the risen Savior can transform lives.

In 2004, Keith left a career as a chemist to devote himself to fulltime ministry. Along the way, he has challenged the status quo in our church, our community and our world. Keith’s focused energy comes from a genuine desire to follow God’s leading, whether it comes in the form of casting a vision for the church, helping people make Jesus the center of their lives, or teaching Bible-based truths on Sunday mornings.

Keith is a devoted husband to wife, Kelly, and a loving, hands-on father to son Kaden and daughter Kaiya.

When you love your parents and are connected to your parents you want to do what they do. Earthly parents may fail but the spiritual father will not because God’s kids want to be like their heavenly father (John 6).

The local church is the one thing that we should always invest in no matter what age we are. The local church brings glory to God and is the launching pad for the people to honor God the Father.

“Imitate the father by investing in the church.”

Ephesians 5:25 “Christ loved the church so much he gave his life up for her.” JESUS is PASSIONATELY in LOVE with the church. The value of an object is shown in the amount that was given up for that object. Christ was given up for the church.

If you don’t like what God is doing in your church then go back and be a solution to the problem. This means being INVOLVED and SERVING. The work of the church should be the central part of the Christian’s life.

Why your story should be about investment in the church:
(1) The church is bigger than a fad – Don’t you want to be a part of something that will last? The local church will not fad and it will last forever. Imitate your Father and invest in the church.
(2) The church has the remedy we all need – People are broken and things are dysfunctional but the church has the remedy for the world that everyone is seeking after.
(3) The church has a u-shaped hole waiting to be filled (1 Corinthians 12:7 and 14) – We have been gifted to help out the body. The body ministers to the unseen.

You need to be in a church that is preaching the Bible and reaching people for Jesus.

NOTE: This encourages my heart to hear someone tell the teenagers that they need to be in and involved in the local church. Our teenagers and young people are leading the way here and it greatly encourages my heart. I’m glad I pastor a church where the Bible is THEE STANDARD for all faith and practice and we are DILIGENTLY seeking ways to reach the lost for Christ.

Application: (1) Join the family of God through the blood of Jesus Christ. You cannot imitate a Father (CHRIST) that you do not know. (2) Up your investment. Start serving, giving, leading, etc.

“I dare you to be involved in the church, reach someone for eternity, and tell me it was a waste of time.”

Praise the LORD someone preached on the local church!



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