Who is the most intimidating person you know? What makes them so daunting? Is it that they are really truly terrifying or is it that these people are highly influential?

This guy is intimidating…

In my experience, the community I used to find terrifying were, after reexamination, extremely significant. Many of my hero’s I have personally met.  Pastors I look up to, teachersI admire, sports figures that excel, etc. What I learned/am learning is that the men and women who I used to get nervous about encountering was really an internal insecurity.  I should not have been nervous to assemble with these people of influence, but seek to discover how their influence is communicated to a broad audience and how I can do that in my own context.

Why are some individuals not afraid to elevate the accepted standard?  Why are some people not afraid to increase the pace? Why do we fear those who seek to live a better life? It’s not people of influence to fear but we must starting seeing these people out as foundations to learn how our progress can be maximized.

In Second Chronicles, Solomon finds himself ruling a kingdom.  The Bible says God made Solomon “exceedingly great” (1 Chronicles 1:1). He spoke to hundreds and thousands. He spoke to leaders and families. He was truly intimidating and probably feared among the people.

However, in Solomon’s leadership God said whatever Solomon wanted God to give him, He would do it.  What’s Solomon’s response? “Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people…”.  In other words, Solomon asked God to influence people.


“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10

Solomon gets the head knowledge but how did he go about influencing the people? How did he break the barrier of overcoming his intimidating stature? Three words; Head, heart, and hands…
  • Head: Solomon used the brain God gave him and you can do the same! We call this common sense. We are wired to use reasoning and logic when working on influencing those around us.  What you don’t know work to obtain (ask questions, read books, etc.). Your head is a good tool to start but you cannot stay with what you know, you must push it to your…
  • Heart: There is no doubt that when one reads Solomon’s wisdom in Proverbs he has passion behind his words. Passion comes from the heart. Influential people believe the information they have obtained in their head. Be passionate when you speak. Let people know you believe what’s inside. It can’t stop there…
  • Hands: Ecclesiastes states, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” (9:10). When you take what you know in your head and speak it with your heart, it must be modeled with your hands. Solomon not only gave the people passionate wisdom, he modeled it in his everyday life.

Go and do the same!


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