Your Greatest Gift

From the time I discovered speaking, chatter consumed my life. The instrument of voice was instantly used to echo personal thoughts off every wall, in every room, off every structure I inhabited. Elementary school consisted of yelling the most random statements in lunch lines, on field trips, and other odd places. There was no “inside voice” or even a desire to whisper properly.  Teachers were quick to point out my favorite instrument may very well be a curse.


In Junior High and High School my voice was only engaged in private arenas. The thought that the voice was a weakness was to much to publically display. Therefore, the art of mastering raising tones, articulating pitch, and adjusting volume was done quietly to maximize future public impact. The “curse” must become a craft.

This is probably what I looked like to a lot of grown ups when I was a little kid.

After a year of switching majors in college, a communication degree was the goal. What was done in private would now become public. The voice would go under scrutiny. Feedback would be administered from professionals who were masters at using their mechanism properly. These men focused on my voice, spoke about their own experiences that matched up with my own. They offered suggestions on tweaks while treating me like a person who wasn’t cursed but blessed with a God given ability. They correctly handled untapped potential. Cast a thrown lump of clay into a blazing fire. This experience changed my life forever.

It took over twenty years to take what others thought was a weakness and revolve it into God given ability (and it’s still being tweaked and developed to this day!).

In life we are often most sensitive about what we are most passionate.  What we are most passionate comes from a resource that is often untapped.  That resource is often what one thinks is weakness. We concealed our passions because we often let others limit our potential because of the amount of difficulty it will take to make something weak into something amazing.

“He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless” Isaiah 40:19

Have you ever thought that your greatest weakness might just be your greatest gift?

Improvement is never easy. It takes a lifetime to master your skill. A pianist never sits down in front of a full arena the first time they play the instrument.  A runner works for months just to cut down on seconds.  A factory worker may work for years just to move up one position on the cooperate ladder. These actions and desires to be better come with sacrifice and are often met with criticism.  “It’s not possible,” they will say. “Just give up,” they will murmur. However, the determined one never stops making weakness ability. They learn, indulge, consume and correct.

The old saying is true, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  Neither were you. God has given you gifts.  Others may see those gifts as weakness. Don’t buy into the lie.  With the proper attitude, training and determination you can take turn insecurity into a powerful God honoring instrument.

Why are you so scared to take that weakness into a passion? “Don’t be afraid,” says the Lord. “Have faith!” whispers the Holy Spirit. I read somewhere that Michael Jordan lost almost 300 games, blowing the game winning shot 26 times. Paul, Peter, Timothy, even Jesus Christ Himself delivered the Gospel to people who rejected it. However, the passion for the gift sparked the ability to take a personal weakness into a potential powerhouse.

What are some things right now that needs tailored or adjusted that you personally think are weakness? This may take time, energy, resources, etc. However, let God do the heavy lifting.  You simply say, “I’ll go… send me”. Think about the possibilities if we utter those words when God says go! Never tell God wait, later or I’ll get to it. Answer the Lord with “here am I… send me”. This attitude will change your life forever. Remember, the best part of doing what God has gifted us to do is that we never have to go at it alone.

My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.” Michael Jordan

He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.” Isaiah 40:19



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