Exercises of Implementation

We can have all the knowledge in the world in our mind but without implementation, understanding is useless. Implementation means that we participate in certain exercises to “live out” what we know. Let’s look at four exercises to see how we can implement our internal knowledge.

Workouts are not just limited to the physical.

Exercise #1: Conscious Engagement

Conscious Engagement is the art of visually seeing your surroundings enough to engage the people selectively in your environment. Why engage selectively? Shouldn’t we evaluate the whole? A selective analysis will show that one will get better results if he or she would engage committed people.  Committed people who work hard are worth your time as they not only have a passion for the same things you do but often have perspectives you are unable to see due to leadership demands.

After consciously engaging a selective audience, it is best to then retaliate.  A true leader will then think through all ideas and make a decision regarding what would be best in order to execute properly. Remember, in engaging others you are not asking for specific answers but gauging a temperature in a certain environment.  If we do not engage consciously, we will not execute effectively.

Exercise #2: Devoted Discipline

A true leader loves discipline.  The Bible says in Psalm 94:12 “Blessed is the man you discipline, O Lord, the man you teach from your law.” Proverbs states “fools despise wisdom and discipline.” (Proverbs 1:7) Discipline means that we stay focused on a specific task remembering how committed we are to accomplishing that goal. An individual fully devoted to discipline is one who is willing to eliminate whatever surrounds them at the current moment causing distraction (this involves people just as much as objects).

People will achieve greatness because they focus on methods and actions that will ultimately highlight particular activities they are involved in. Find out what is causing distractions and eliminate the problem. This is not something one should apologize for as this action can often be done gracefully. Remember, to be foolish is to live out of control and to be blessed is to welcome restraint.

Exercise #3: See it Through

Seeing something through is about being devoted to accomplishing an objective. Often times we do not succeed because we failed to see something through in being disciplined. While one may not be happy at the current moment because of engaging others in a disciplined way, the outcome has monumental rewards. A great way to see something through is to monitor and measure personal progress.

Personally, I write everything down.  This includes, workouts, to-do lists, schedules, meeting notes, etc. Everything I do has some sort of paper trail, as it is vital to seeing a project to completion. While taking notes is great, one also needs to show up, take action, complete assignments, and be committed.

Exercise #4: Get Help

Getting help means finding someone to hold you accountable.  All execution involves someone behind that individual cheering them on, making sure that person is staying on task. The key to accountability is having the right people in the right place for specific results.

It can take months, even years to get into a trust-based relationship where someone is making sure that we have a clear understanding of responsibilities and objectives. Accountability starts with trust.  Hat means we trust that someone is going to seek out best. In order to find someone whom you trust means that you consciously engage your environment.


Now that sounds like a familiar concept.



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