The Result of Dissatisfaction

We are never truly ready for change.

I recently read that change comes from a level of dissatisfaction. In Short, one will choose to change because they are dissatisfied with the events transpiring and the desire to live a different way.  When one arrives at this fork in the road, he or she will evaluate the cost and either chooses to take the hard road, going against the grain or stay one the course of being uncomfortable. Unfortunately, most live in a state of dysfunction, remaining miserable instead of embracing a new behavior that reaps high rewards.

There is always something, in everyone that needs developed. This requires an internal awareness then the ability to act on that knowledge. Many will only get to the first step in the mind, failing to accept the responsibility of moving forward.

Make big changes in small steps

Big change does not come unless attacked in small increments. The essentials of change come from appropriate preparation, organization of intentions, executing efficiently, and releasing control. If one will focus on the small levels of change needed to accomplish a bigger goal, the skies the limit.

It takes a team to create a movement

While there may be a desire to go at this alone, change takes a team. One must be commitment to contact specific individuals to enlist help in personal shortcomings and lean on another. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Evaluate the Approach: Once you know in your mind that a change is required, write out a detailed plan on what needs to happen to reach the greater goal. Don’t be scarred to outline specific areas that appear uncomfortable. Climb the ladder one step at a time and you’ll be fine. Approach objectives as they come, in the proper time and they won’t seem so overwhelming.
  2. Find the Formation: After the plan has been compiled, seek out areas you need to enlist help. Who is the right person to help break through the individual objectives? Remember, it takes a team to build a movement. It’s more fun to celebrate climbing the mountain with twelve friends than just getting to the top yourself. The more people involved, the greater the victory. Let people celebrate your accomplishments with you. This means you have to be vulnerable.
  3. Table the Technique: Tabling is simply writing down every piece of information on the journey. Keep track of your progress as you continue to become what you never thought was possible. Look back when you get discouraged.  Weight lifters do this to keep track of weight lifted, goals met, and tweaks that need to be made by coaches. Do the same in every areas you are looking to overcome.
  4. Reap the Reward: Don’t forget to celebrate every success. This not only helps the spirit to stay elevated, but also shows the joy that comes from a changed soul.

Change is not hard; it can simply be overwhelming if looked at in a broad scope. Break it down into smaller sections to realize what seems impossible is totally obtainable!



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