A Better Balance

Abraham and David were great men in the Old Testament. Many New Testament authors reference their leadership frequently. While their guidance was exceptional, both leaders found themselves vindicated not because of the work they exhibited, but more through believing that the impossible could be done when one knew God’s favor was in their possession.

In other words, they walked a road of faith and let God do the heavy lifting through being spiritually disciplined.

A road walked in faith means God does the heavy lifting.

What have you deemed “impossible”? Are you working through your own effort to obtain it? Human thinking places self-belief higher than faith. Self labor and personal belief claims that when one works hard enough (physical labor), great things will happen. While hard work has it’s place, what about the spiritual disciplines that connect to Christ in a supernatural way, allowing us to understand His will? Where is the balance between actions and understanding?

If one were to base a life of obtainment simply off physical labor, then where is their room for prayer, fasting, solitude, rest, etc.?

Much work (labor) has been placed in many relationships and other efforts. However, the greatest growth has come when there is a balance of toil (heavy lifting) and spiritual labor (spiritual disciplines listed above). Abraham and David both dominated for the Lord because they walked with God in the spiritual disciplines while actively doing His will. Think about it like this…

If one were to base a life of obtainment simply off physical labor, then where is their room the spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, solitude, rest, etc.?

  • There may be an internal desire to see one come to know the Lord but instead of just preaching constantly have you tried praying for this individual? Fasting over them? Listening to the Lord about how He wants you to communicate God’s truth?
  • You may want the promotion so you’re working endless days and nights trying to obtain it but have you sought out the Lord’s voice in solitude and rest? Have you paused to see if what your doing is really worth it?
  • Your family might be in complete disarray, so you find yourself in constant toil trying to make everyone happy but where are you in your relationship with the Lord? If you are unhealthy, how does that affect others? Are you asking people to do what you are unable to do yourself? Maybe it’s time to slow down instead of accelerate.

Remember, God aligns us to His image when we embrace the beautiful balance of spiritual disciplines and good old fashion hard work. It’s in our nature to work and it’s in our nature to pause. Abraham did it, David did it and even God did it in the creation of the world. We are created in HIS image, maybe it’s time we seek a better balance.

Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit.” Titus 3:5



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