5 Reasons Your Leadership is Struggling

Feel like you’re spinning your wheels?

Not catching any traction in leadership?

Maybe here’s a few reasons…

1. You Don’t Know Yourself: Often times people who lead know their audience but don’t know themselves. Take a few moments and get to know yourself. Self testing like Jung Typology Test, Myers-Briggs and StrengthFinders are just a few personality tests that will help you see where you are gifted and how that ties into leadership. Then contemplate your motivations for leading as well as personal goals to make sure you are really interested in helping people or ultimately just in leadership to help yourself.


2. You’re Not Sensitive to Followers: This is one area I wish I would have learned a lot sooner in ministry and honestly (like all of these) am still working on. Will Schutz said people come into any relationship situation with three questions related to inclusion, control and openness. They ask…

  • Inclusion: Am I in or out?
  • Control: Am I on top or on the bottom?
  • Openness: Am I open or closed?

How much you think about these questions in regards to the person you are trying to lead is essential to gaining traction.

3. You Don’t Listen: Sure you heard what that person said with your ears but did you really listen to what they had to say with your brain? A few ways to listen to people involve…

  • Wait to speak – “The wise listen” Proverbs 12:15
  • Ask good questions – Go for clarity
  • Overcoming the Impulse to become Defensive

Remember, what we say to others, says much about how we view ourselves.

4. You Don’t Accept People for who They Are: Everyone wants to be accepted and feel valued. Are we making people feel a part of the team or simply in this for ourselves. Ask, “How can we work to show the people we are leading more appreciation?” “How can we help motivate instead of manage?”

5. You Run From Difficult Issues: Conflict teaches us much about ourselves. Great leaders run to conflict in order to learn about themselves and better their leadership.

Recognize that you will spend much of your life making mistakes. If you can take action and keep making mistakes, you gain experience.” John Maxwell


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