My Daily Quiet Time

What does it look like to have a daily quiet time with God?

Here’s my usual morning routine…

Something Physical

First thing in the morning when I wake up (4 to 5 am) I head out the door to get the blood flowing. Some people take time in the Word first but I need to clear my head. Running, lifting weights, etc. It doesn’t have to be extremely stressful but at the same time it shouldn’t be something that takes no effort. One thing I have done is been on some sort of workout plan (for walking, running, lifting, biking, etc.). It helps set a goal and stick to it! Most people quit working out because they don’t have a plan. Physical exercise lets me get all the junk out of my head before I kick into the Word. I put a sermon in my ears on the way to the gym, then listen to music while working out, then listen to a rest of the sermon on the way home.

Something Biblical
 Workout’s over, time to hit the book. I’m always going through a 360, 180 or 90 day Bible reading plan depending on the season of ministry. This is not a time of study but more a time to simply read God’s Word to start the day.

Something Prayerful

After reading the word I spend some time in prayer. I pray and journal through the Proverb of the day, a list of our church needs and church family, my wife and our kids, the day and anything else that’s “pressing”.

Something Serving

The saying, “Many hands make light work” is true! There’s house work to be done that I can help with before going out the door. Trash needs taken out, animals need feed, dishes need put away, etc. I want to do my part for our family. Usually my kids are up and rolling by now so while I’m knocking out some chores I can get them fed. I learned a lot about helping my mom from watching my dad. I’m praying my kids are doing the same. Sometimes they even help!

Something Read

With the chores knocked out I can go take a shower, get dressed and get ready for the day. Then I make breakfast and grab a cup of Joe. As I’m eating there is often a book in my hand I’m going through (chapter a day). Then it’s off to the office to work on the to-do-list.

This routine took a long time to work up to and honestly it calls for waking up pretty early. While everyone is different, the content is king. Does this routine happen everyday? Nope. There are variations, but I try to stick to the outline as much as possible even though times can vary. Without time in the Word and prayer, I’m a mess in the day.

Hope this helps.



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