7 Little Pick Up’s

1. It Will Pass:And it came to pass” occurs 396 times in the King James Bible! (Or 453 time if you drop the “And.”) The phrase actually means something like, “It happened”. We sometimes express it as, “This too shall pass”. Same thought. Or more roughly, “Nothing last forever” How about this one, “Time heals all wounds”.

2. It Ain’t You: Every person carries their junk. That junk comes into almost every conversation. Remember, it’s probably not you when some people seem stressed, frustrated, had a hard day or conversation, gotten in a fight, etc. We never know what someone went through before going into a discussion, home or work environment.

3. People Love You: Michael Beckwith said, “There is a lie that acts like a virus within the mind of humanity. And that lie is,

‘There’s not enough good to go around. There’s lack and there’s limitation and there’s just not enough.’

The truth is that there’s more than enough good to go around. There is more than enough creative ideas. There is more than enough power. There is more than enough love. There’s more than enough joy. All of this begins to come through a mind that is aware of its own infinite nature.

There is enough for everyone. If you believe it, if you can see it, if you act from it, it will show up for you. That’s the truth.”The vast majority of the congregation supports you.” With that said, people do want your best. Keep that in mind.

4. You Got Something to Offer: Don’t think so? Answer these questions…

  • What challenges or life events have you overcome?
  • What motivates and energizes you? What are you grateful for?
  • What are three instances in your professional life when you felt really happy and rewarded? Are there Common themes? What skills were you using?
  • What have you learned about yourself that you consider weaknesses? How do they make you unique?
  • What do you consider are the greatest strengths you have to offer?
  • What do you consider your top 5 values (can’t think, ask a friend, they will tell you!)?
  • What are your top 3 goals? What does that say about you?

Yup! You got something to offer!

5. Face Short Term Problems Head On For Long Term Growth: Being able to find the glimmer of good in a situation might mean the difference between a positive outcome and a negative one.

6. It’s Not Always Better Somewhere Else: The grass might look greener on the other side of the fence but the dog over there might be meaner too.

7. God is with You: In the Bible, God tells us:

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

Jesus, Himself, when speaking about the people who belong to Him, put it this way:

“My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.” John 10:10

Even when life seems out of control, you can be sure of this…God has a plan and a purpose for you. Because of God’s love for each one of us, He provided a plan for our salvation – the way that we can become a part of His family and live the life He has promised us.

Cheer up, the best is yet to come!



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