Jordan Muck will encourage, empower, shape, and push people to move out of the stagnant place they’re in and become all that Christ wants them to be.

Jordan is the Lead Pastor at Community Gospel Church in Bremen, Indiana and the founder of Reconstructing the Redeemed Ministries. He holds degrees in communications and youth ministry with a Masters in Biblical Studies from Grace College and Theological Seminary. While educated and experienced (and an organizational mastermind), the proof of Jordan’s ministry is in his passion for the Word of God and the people’s lives he has touched.

Besides preaching to his congregation weekly, he is a much-requested speaker at retreats, marriage conferences, outreach events, camps, men’s and women’s ministries, MOPS, college chapel services, Sunday School, and other churches.

Jordan’s dream is a message of hope through Christ’s restoration spreading far and wide, through books and other publications, videos, and workforces. He dreams that people will witness and experience God’s love and faithfulness firsthand and be forever changed even if they are wounded from the Church or other Christians.

 “Imagine people moving from head knowledge of God’s Word to being the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting world!”

This is what Jordan Muck is all about. His Father’s business. He believes in the local church and reconstructing those that at one time called themselves redeemed. Jordan is a Spirit-led movement of restoration and new beginnings, with people being touched and impacted beyond imagination.

Jordan and his beautiful wife, Bethany, live in Bremen, Indiana with their two adorable daughters, Gianna and Corinne.

Take a few moments to read the nice words others have said about Jordan and his ministry.

  • WOW” “Blessed by Jordan’s clear communication of God’s Word. Completely restored. Praise the Lord!
  • It’s exciting to see how much we can change from the message. Great job! Keep up the challenges! Thank you!”
  • “Great challenge to raise the bar! I appreciate Jordan’s focus on the scriptures and the deception of the world and Satan.”
  • “I am so Thankful for all the lessons of restoration Jordan has taught me!!!”
  • “Truly enjoyed Jordan challenging my heart! Great Job!”
  • “Thank you for sharing yourself, weaknesses, and victories in Christ. As you shared God’s word. You kept it real and by doing so convicted me.  I appreciate the excitement and passion you bring.”
  • “You broadened our horizens and made us think beyond ourselves, forcing the blinders off. I am starting to see some Godly principles in a life changing way.”
  • “What an amazing gift shared to such a diverse crowd. The message has changed my life forever!”
  • “God has blessed you with the gift of preaching… I have heard so many truths that I have never connected before. Thank you!”
  • “God was glorified through your words of restoration! God really spoke to me through your compassion. I could truly tell you care about my well being and future. Thanks for being so real. It has truly been a blessing!”
  • “Thank you for allowing God to work in and through you.  Your message makes a difference my life.”

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