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Do you understand that you are chosen, royal, and holy? Do you know that God calls you His possession? Did you know that you could find joy in the relationship God offers you? Do you believe God’s desire is that you get out of the dark and into the light? Are you a 1P29C? Do you know that the life God has for you is anything but ordinary? Have you been missing out on who God designed you to be? Do you know that God isn’t about the boring? Would you like something better? How about the best? Would you like to receive the greatest God has to offer you? Then become a 1P29C.

Purchase a copy of 1P29C here: BUY 1P29C


Have you been burned by the church? Wonder if there’s any hope for finding “it” again? Find pain and disappointment in religion? The search is over. There is hope. Packed inside this articulated powerhouse is the key to unlocking spiritual restoration for those in deep despair. It won’t take long to see how relevant God’s healing words are here for you in today’s world. From Wounded to Restored is a fresh start. As you digest the words in this book and God’s glorious love letter, truth will be internalized, wounds healed, and you’ll be ready to move forward in your relationship with Christ and his church. It’s time to go from wounded to restored.

Purchase a copy of From Wounded to Restored here: BUY FROM WOUNDED TO RESTORED


“Audience of One” is an 11-song worship collection that focuses on the glory, honor and majesty of God the Father, the gracious work of Jesus Christ, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. All of the songs on the disc were written for specific sermon series’ in the Community Gospel Church’s teaching calendar. As a result, the music is centers on the life of the local church through the lens of Scripture. This makes “Audience of One” an engaging, entertaining, and yet singable album to use in times of both gathered and personal worship.

Purchase a copy of Audience of One here: BUY AUDIENCE OF ONE


A crisp and clean offering of modern pop-rock worship tunes that are excellent for both the corporate gathering as well as personal times of worship.

Purchase a copy of Heirs here: BUY HEIRS


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